Gäggersteg (Lothar path)

Gäggersteg (Lothar path) not accessible in 2019.


Gäggersteg, Pfyffe
+46° 44' 36.55", +7° 22' 59.46"
3154 Rüschegg

In 1999 the storm Lothar destroyed much of the forest between Schwarzenbühl and Ottenleue. High above the forest floor on a wooden board walk, one can see how the forest is recovering. There is also a magnificent view of the Gantrisch mountain chain.

Gäggersteg Gantrisch
Image: Naturpark Gantrisch

The buckled storm-damaged timber and the forest scars that are slowly undergoing revegetation can all be viewed from a raised wooden walkway: enjoyment for all nature lovers! Here, visitors will gain unique insights into burgeoning nature and the natural development of an area subjected to storm damage.

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  • Storm
Anreise ÖV: Schwarzenbühl, Schutzhütte, BusAlpin Natur- und Sportbus Schwarzenburg - Schwarzenbühl
Languages: English, German, Italian, French
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