Onsernone Forest Reserve

In the big Onsernone Forest Reserve.



On the right side of the upper Valle Onsernone, become immersed in the silver fir kingdom, where the return to natural conditions is at an advanced stage and creates a special atmosphere that connect to the primeval nature of the forest.

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The excursion lasts approx. 4.5 hours (elevation gain: 640 m. upward, 460 m. downward). Let's hike beyond the clefts of the Isorno River. First through broad-leaved woodlands and beechwoods and then through the silver fir forest, the core of the Onsernone Reserve. Here, the forest is dominated by big trees, maze of trees of different ages, standing and lying dead trees that decompose slowly and new trees that grow in the space left. In some areas, the forest is dense and shady, whereas in others it is open and bright. Natural evolution is at a very advanced stage, the presence of silver fir dates back 8000 years. In May, the flowering rhododendron (alpenrose) under the dark silver fir is particularly beautiful and the magnificent fern- and moss-covered clefts are outstanding. Different types of mushrooms, lichens and mosses are found on trees and rocks. The black woodpecker shows up from time to time. In Comologno, the Visitor Center is waiting for you.

The enhancement project of the Locarnese Forest Reserves was coordinated by the Locarnese National Park Project along with the expert advice of R. Buffi and the important support of the Canton Ticino Forest Department. The Onsernone Forest Reserve offers a 10 km network of paths classified as mountain paths. Suggested itinerary (Sentiero Natura: "Nature in the big wood") to admire the clefts of Isorno, the broad-leaved woodland, the beechwood and the silver fir forest: Crana - Ponte dei Pizzi sull'Isorno - Costa del Guald - Pianone - Ca Rossa - Comologno (3h15min).

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The information centre of the Onsernone Forest Reserve, situated in the centre of Comologno, is open every day during daily working hours. It offers useful information panels that give also the possibility to listen to several recorded bird calls from the forest.

Best time to visit the reserve: May - October.

It is advised not to enter the Reserve with heavy rainfalls. Mountain equipment is indispensable.
Languages: English, German, Italian, French
Weather dependent? Yes
Does it cost anything? No