Dauerausstellung im Mammutmuseum Niederweningen: Mammutfunde, Eiszeiten und Klimawandel


Mammutmuseum Niederweningen
Im Mitteldorf 1
8166 Niederweningen

The Mammoth Museum presents the spectacular discoveries from the Ice Age in Niederweningen which were made in 1890, and again between 2003 and 2009 just in the vicinity of the museum. Main objects are the mammoth finds, a life-size mammoth reconstruction, the worldwide unique reconstruction of a newborn mammoth calf and a large illustration on the back wall of the Wehntal with its flora and fauna 45’000 years ago.

Blick ins Mammutmuseum Niederweningen
Image: Mammutmuseum Niederweningen

A chronological path leads from the present through the cultural epochs of the Middle Ages, Roman Times, Iron and Bronze Ages to the Stone Age - including the topic “men and mammoth” – and further to the Ice Age when mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, steppe wisent and other glacial animals lived here. Finally it goes back to the 150 million years old Jurassic sea from where the Lägern limestones originate with their fossils of ammonite, belemnite, sea urchins and marine crocodiles. In the museum, the information is in German but a short description in English is available.

  • Blick ins Mammutmuseum Niederweningen
  • Neue Ausstellung im Mammutmuseum Niederweningen
  • Blick ins Mammutmuseum NiederweningenImage: Mammutmuseum Niederweningen1/2
  • Neue Ausstellung im Mammutmuseum NiederweningenImage: Mammutmuseum Niederweningen2/2

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Mammutmuseum Niederweningen
Im Mitteldorf 1
8166 Niederweningen

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With S-Bahn S5 from Zürich main station to the station Niederweningen Dorf (get off the train one station before terminal station), from there 5min on foot.
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