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WMO International Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Symposium

Lieu de l'événement

WMO Headquarters in Geneva,

The event will take place at the WMO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, from 30 January to 1 February 2023 The programme will be published on 12 December 2022, and the authors will be informed directly.

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Among the topics planned to be discussed are:

Greenhouse gas budgets, impacting processes and associated uncertainties;
Observations of GHG in different domains of the Earth System to support GHG analysis (surface-, subsurface-, and space-based);
GHG exchange between different domains of the Earth System, processes description and climate feedbacks,
Treatment of GHGs in Earth system modeling, required model improvement and quality control procedures,
Routine, global GHG monitoring systems: input data requirements and intended output,
Post-processing of global systems output and tools for decision-makers’ tailoring,
Potential contribution of the globally coordinated GHG Monitoring Infrastructure to UNFCCC processes;

A Symposium Program Committee is co-chaired by Michel Jean (SG-GHG Chair) and Greg Carmichael (SG-GHG Co-Chair).


  • Organisateur principal
    World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
WMO is developing a concept for a sustained, internationally coordinated routine Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Infrastructure in consultation with a broad group of stakeholders from both scientific, operational, and policy-setting entities. This builds on WMO’s experience with the Global Atmosphere Watch and the Integrated Global Greenhouse Gas Information System, and it incorporates some of the operational practices and globally coordinated and agreed methods used in its World Weather Watch.
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