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Image: OscarLoRo, stock.adobe.com

The Maia Reserve biotope

The southern smooth newt lives here.


6618 Arcegno

A wet area with a small lake, where the southern smooth newt lives. The water level varies continuously. This biotope is found in the national Inventory of Amphibian Breeding Sites.

Wasser (Symbolbild)
Image: Edith Oosenbrug

The enhancement project of the Locarnese Forest Reserves was coordinated by the Locarnese National Park Project, along with the expert advice of R. Buffi and the important support of the Canton Ticino Forest Department. Maia Woodland Park offers 8 km of walkable paths, classified mainly as hiking paths. Walking access: Losone, Arcegno. Possible itineraries suggested on site. Warning: it is advised not to enter the Park with strong winds and snowy soil and it is always recommended not to access wet areas.

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