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Biology Week 2023 : Imaging the Brain

A 5-day course in partnership with the Life Science Learning Center in Zurich


Université de Zurich

The Life Science Learning Center in Zurich opens its doors to you! For five days, you will discover more about the human brain and neuroscience imaging techniques. This week of scientific discoveries is offered by the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) to young people from all Switzerland who will pass their high school diploma (Maturity) in 2023, 2024 or 2025.

Biology Week 2023, Imaging the Brain
Image: SCNAT

Themes of the week :

  • How can we visualize the brain and its activities?
  • What do we know about neuronal activity?
  • How are our movements controlled?
  • How can we present and interpret the data from brain images?
  • How is neuroscience research done?

The detailed program will be provided in due time to the selected participants.

Language: The courses will be held in English. A good understanding of English is necessary, but it is not necessary to be fluent.

Accomodation : Participants will stay at the Zurich Youth Hostel

Costs: The course is free. Accommodation, meals and all travel expenses by public transport will be covered by SCNAT.

Responsibility: There will be no supervision outside of class hours. The students will travel to/from the university of Zurich to/from the youth hostel by themselves. Participants under the age of 18 are under the responsibility of their legal representatives.

Registration: Register before 10th of May 2023, 12:00, by sending your application to . It should include the completed registration form (here on the right), your curriculum vitae, your motivation letter and a letter of recommendation from a (biology) teacher.

The final selection of participants will be announced before 7 June 2023.

Intended for

  • 14-18
  • 18+
  • Group
  • Wheelchair


Content: challenging

Interactivity: active/passive

Inside/outside: inside/outside


  • High School II


Caroline Geissbühler
Commission for the Promotion of Young Talents
House of Academies
PO Box
3001 Bern

Languages: English
Weather dependent? No
Does it cost anything? No