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Glacier cave Titlis



The glacier cave is bathed in a dim turquoise-blue light. On the walls, millions of tiny ice crystals sparkle and glisten. The air is so cold that tiny white clouds appear when you breathe.

Gletschergrotte Titlis
Image: Roger Grütter

This glacier cave forms the frosty heart of TITLIS. The ice here was frozen long before prehistoric man discovered how to make fire using pyrite.

The cave's 150-metre-long walkway branches out in several directions and descends 20 metres below the surface of the glacier. The hazy atmosphere is the result of tiny air pockets in the ice, and the blue colour is caused by the refraction of light.
Exploring the glacier cave is a cool experience. The temperature inside the cave remains a frosty -1.5˚C.

The cave can be easily accessed via a corridor from the TITLIS ROTAIR Cableways mountain station.

  • Gletschergrotte Titlis
  • Gletschergrotte Titlis
  • Gletschergrotte TitlisImage: R. Grütter / Roger Grütter1/2
  • Gletschergrotte TitlisImage: Roger Grütter2/2

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  • Mountain glacier
Entry to the glacier cave is free of charge.
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