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KULTURAMA Museum des Menschen


Englischviertelstrasse 9, 8032 Zürich

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Englischviertelstrasse 9, 8032 Zürich

The evolution of life over a period of 570 million years is the focus of the displays in the museum basement. Chronological panoramas give a descriptive overview and numerous fossil exhibits enable you to take a look into the past.

Pflanzen (Symbolbild)
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Fossilised skeletons of fish and dinosaurs as well as cave bear bones or mammoth remains tell stories of bygone worlds.
On the gallery the focus is on human biology and the comparative anatomy of human and other vertebrate skeletons.
Numerous skeletons of humans and animals show the similarities and differences between the life-forms.
The "Discovery Trail" gives opportunity to explore the human body, the evolution of animals and of mankind as well as aspects of the Stone Age.

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Adults: CHF 12.-
Students ( < 25 years), DI : CHF 10.-
Kids/ young people (6 -16 ): CHF 8.-
<6 years with family : free
Tram Nr. 3 and 8 to Hottingerplatz or Tram Nr. 15 to Englischviertelstrasse.
Tuesday-Sunday: 13-17h
Languages: German
Weather dependent? No
Does it cost anything? Yes