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Swiss Science Center Technorama


Swiss Science Center Technorama
Technoramastr. 1
8404 Winterthur

The Swiss Science Center, Technorama, offers an unique experimental field, which allow all visitors, irrespective of age and background, the opportunity to get to know natural phenomena in an informal, hands-on, self-directed way.

Image: Technorama

There are many institutions worldwide which describe themselves as “science centres”, whose offerings may differ markedly.
With its over 500 exhibits (experiment stations) and wide-ranging lab facilities, Technorama is is one of the largest and – and on account of its quality and its exemplary informal educational function – most renowned science centres in the world. Every year, Technorama welcomes more than a quarter of a million visitors!

  • Permanentmagnetische Spielereien
  • Cheshire Cat
  • Elektrischer Doppelkreisel
  • Permanentmagnetische SpielereienImage: Technorama1/3
  • Cheshire CatImage: Technorama2/3
  • Elektrischer DoppelkreiselImage: Technorama3/3

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Technorama Swiss Science Center (Technorama)
Technoramastrasse 1
8404 Winterthur

Adults CHF 27.00
Kids 6-15 years CHF 16.00
Kids 0-5 years free
Daily from 10 to 17 Uhr (except the 25.12.)
Languages: English, German, Italian, French
Weather dependent? No
Does it cost anything? Yes