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Maia Woodland Park

A walk through Maia Park for wood admirers.



Let's hike over a broad-leaved woodland that is evolving spontaneously. There are approx. 20 tree species and a lot to discover: wet areas and small lakes, smoothed rock bumps, fallen trees and new generations of trees that take root and leaf.

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The excursion lasts 2.5 hours (elevation gain: 450m). It takes place through the mixed broad-leaved woodland (about 20 tree species), rock areas devoid of vegetation, swamps and ponds. This is the most characteristic Swiss landscape of glacial origin found at low altitude. Since more than 60 years, no tree cutting has been carried out in the woodland, which has high aesthetic value. Walk at a slow pace: the better you look, the more you see. The natural evolution in Maia Woodland allowed the chestnut forest and the mixed oak forest to return. In some areas it evolved so fast that the natural structure of the forest is already evident. Native species are back! There are trees of big dimensions, areas with a lot of deadwood and new generations of trees that are growing. Birdlife is remarkable. Wet areas host the largest amphibian population in Canton Ticino. At the boundary of the Reserve, there is the School in the Wood of Arcegno.

Intended for

  • 14-18
  • 18+
  • 20-40
  • 55+


Content: simple

Interactivity: active

Inside/outside: outside


Half Day: 200.- per tour.
Full Day: 350.- per tour.
Easy walking routes. With snow on the ground, no excursion will be held.
Languages: English, German, Italian, French
Weather dependent? Yes
Does it cost anything? Yes