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Musée de la nature du Valais/ Naturmuseum Wallis

Der Mensch und die Natur im Wallis


Rue des Châteaux 12
1950 Sion

Meeting place

Rue des Châteaux 12, 1950 Sion

Man and nature in the Valais

Pflanzen (Symbolbild)
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With an original presentation that totally immerses the visitor, the Valais Nature Museum presents the evolution of the relationship between humans and their environment, from the Mesolithic age until today. The natural environments of the Valais, with their typical fauna and flora, create the background for the exhibition spaces. Throughout the tour, they are presented either as support for the geological
and biological diversity of the landscape or as the basis for human activity.
As the tour progresses, the barrier between the visitors and the objects on display symbolizes the increasing separation between human beings and their environment. In this way, visitors will be able to reflect on their own relationship to nature and imagine what the future developments might be.

Intended for

  • 0-6
  • 6-10
  • 10-14
  • 14-18
  • 18+
  • 20-40
  • 55+
  • Family
  • Group


Content: medium

Interactivity: active/passive

Inside/outside: inside


Adults : CHF 8.-
Kids/Students : CHF 4.-
Families : CHF 16.-

joint ticket for all 3 cantonal museums:
Adults : CHF 14.-
Kids, Studentes, Retired : CHF 7.-
Families : CHF 28.-
1. Sonntag of the month free
Oct–Mai: Tue–Sun 11–17h
Jun–Sep: Tue–Sun 11–18h
24, 31 Dec: closes at 16h;
1 Jan closed
Languages: German, French
Weather dependent? No
Does it cost anything? Yes