Rye World of Experience

Natural and cultural heritage of rye and rye bread


Kreuzstrasse 15
3957 Erschmatt

We care about the natural and cultural heritage of rye and rye bread. We are offering: Baking experience for groups, companies etc., “Choru-Werkstatt” (corn workshop) for school classes, guided tours around the village and the variety garden.

Rye World of Experience
Image: Naturpark Pfyn-Finges

As part of the baking experience, we will be baking rye bread in a wood-burning oven. Before this, you will knead your rye bread yourselves. We will show you the large village oven in the Burgerhaus (community centre). In the barn we will show you how the rye is threshed and cleaned. Our Choru workshop is at your disposal for school classes. Here children can knead and bake bread, they can grind, thresh and clean rye and so experience the whole process from grain to bread.

The Erschmatt variety garden offers a habitat to all crops. They are only rarely planted now, but they are worthy of preservation as a part of the biological diversity. Familiar crops such as Valais rye, wheat, barley and broad beans are present in the variety garden as well as oats, millet, maize and buckwheat. But also other arable flora that have become rare are cultivated in the variety garden such as corncockle, pheasant's eye (Adonis), shrubby hare's ear, black cumin, larkspur and others.

Registration: erlebniswelt@erschmatt.ch

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Content: simple

Interactivity: active

Inside/outside: inside/outside


A visit to the variety garden and the farmland in the Zelg is always possible (along the walking trail). Guided tours, baking experience and Choru-Werkstatt on request.

Hoher Spycher (high granary) for aperitif or small events, wood-burning oven and Choru-Werkstatt for group activities. Variety garden and Zelg farmland.
Languages: English, German, Italian, French
Weather dependent? No
Does it cost anything? Yes